Optimal dosing and use of cannabis tinctures is a highly personal matter. People vary widely in their needs, sensitivity and tolerance to cannabis.

Below are some specific recommendations we've developed over the years of helping thousands of patients and consumers find the right way to incorporate our tinctures into their wellness regimen.

If you are working with a serious health concern, please consult with a cannabis-knowledgeable physician to understand exactly how to use cannabis medicinally for your condition.



With full-spectrum acidic cannabinoids (CBDA and THCA), microdosing is appropriate, as the spectrum of constituents in the cannabis plant are synergistic and more effective when taken as a whole. This is commonly referred to as "the entourage effect." Additionally, CBDA and THCA are considered to be more well-absorbed and able to offer benefits in much lower amounts.

Five drops (not droppers) a few times per day is an ideal starting microdose for our tinctures. We always recommend starting with this low dose and getting to know the effects for four or five days while your body is nourished with the beneficial constituents. If a higher dose seems needed, gradually increase a few drops at a time.

For many people five drops remains the ideal dose; others require substantially more, particularly if they have a high tolerance to cannabis or are using the product for pain or serious conditions for which their doctor recommends a specific dose. Since CBDA and THCA can be more potent in small doses than CBD and THC, you may want to consult with your doctor to make sure they are taking this into account.




Taking smaller doses more often (rather than larger doses less often) is the approach recommended by many cannabis researchers, particularly with CBD and the acidic cannabinoids. If you are dosing only once or twice per day and want greater effects, we recommend you first try taking the tinctures more frequently - three or four times per day or more - before increasing the dosage.

Some people take cannabis tinctures every few hours if they are dealing with chronic stress, pain or other conditions. Other people use it when they have a specific need; for instance, at night before sleep, or after strenuous physical work or exercise to ease body aches and pains and speed recovery.




If over time you notice you need to take more tincture to achieve the same result, it could be that you have built up a tolerance to the cannabis. If so, you may want to "reset" your tolerance by taking a day or two off from the tinctures (please consult with your doctor if you are dealing with a medical condition). You might take a day off every week, or three days in a row each month. You can experiment and see what works for you.

The feedback we get (and our own experience) shows that a tolerance break every now and then can lead to greater ongoing effectiveness over time.
For more on dosing, visit Project CBD's article on dosing.



We make our tinctures specifically for people who do not want to be high, but everyone is different and reacts differently to substances they ingest. Over the years we've heard only two accounts of users experiencing a "high" after taking our Kumari Tincture, which is higher in THCA than the ACDC and Harlequin. The vast majority of persons do not experience any intoxication from any of the tinctures, but it is possible for some individuals to react to any amount of THC with intoxication. It's also possible that any product that alters your mood could seem to have a psychoactive effect, including CBD and CBDA.

So if you're sensitive to THC or have had a negative experience such as anxiety or paranoia in the past when trying cannabis, it's important for you to respect your experience and take it slow. We'd recommend starting with ACDC before moving to Harlequin or Kumari for the added relieving and relaxing effects of THCA.

Also, note that subjecting the tinctures to extended high heat can "activate" the THCA and convert it to THC, which could cause intoxication - primarily with the Harlequin and Kumari tinctures. The ACDC tincture has virtually no THC and therefore, even with decarboxylation, it's the least likely to cause psychoactivity.



Our olive oil tincture has a smooth onset over 15 minutes to two hours, as it passes through the digestive system. The effects tend to last a bit longer than that of the alcohol tincture.

You can drop it directly into your mouth, or onto the food of your choice. We recommend holding the oil in your mouth for a while before swallowing to allow some emulsification, but it's fine to simply swallow it as well. You may notice a strong spicy aftertaste. This is from the cannabis as well as the extra virgin olive oil, which can vary in its aromatic qualities.

You can also add the oil tinctures to your favorite foods. Do not add to hot liquids or cook with it, however, as that could alter and denature the cannabinoids and other active constituents.


Alcohol tinctures typically are dropped under the tongue and held in the mouth until absorbed. This is by far the fastest way to absorb and experience the cannabinoids and other active constituents, as they rapidly enter the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Taking alcohol tinctures can be a pleasant or intense experience. They have a "bite” that some find unpleasant or irritating to the mouth.

To soften the intensity, simply drop into a half-teaspoon of water, and hold it in the mouth until absorbed. You can also add the drops to any cool or room-temperature drink, keeping in mind that significant dilution may slow or decrease absorption. Do not add to boiling drinks as this can decarboxylate the cannabinoids and weaken or vaporize certain of the plant essences.