Diversity is essential for a healthy garden. We always interplant an abundance of flowers and vegetables with our cannabis. This builds healthy soil and attracts beneficial insects and pollinators like bees and butterflies, who keep pests and other problems in check without the need for any harmful chemicals. And of course, flowers and veggies bring joy and nourishment to the humans who tend and visit the garden.

We're excited to offer our own seasonal seed mix packets, hand-harvested from the annual flowers and herbs grown at our farm, the Ministry of Flowers. You'll find them at dispensary giveaways and demos. These are easy to grow, colorful mixes that are appropriate for most California climates and will add a smile to your yard or garden.

#1 Early-Midsummer Garden Mix includes Sunflowers, Cosmos, Zinnias, and other insect-attracting small flowering plants.

#2 Late Summer and Fall Mix includes Coriander (Cilantro), Calendula, Borage, California Poppies and other surprises.

#3 Spring-Early Summer Garden Mix - Plant April through June. includes Sunflowers, Bachelor Buttons, Zinnias, California Poppy, Tilthonia, Borage, Cilantro, Baby's Breath, White Yarrow, California Blue Bell, Coreopsis, Scarlet Flax, Corn Poppy, Baby Blue Eyes, Godetia, and other fun insect-attracting plants.

How-to: For a quick video tutorial, you can check out the Seed Planting Highlight on our instagram page.

  • Plant in full sun to mostly sun.
  • Prepare an area approximately 10-12 square feet. This can be a 1' x 12' row or multiple pots; whatever fits your space.
  • Weed the bed to remove competition for the flowers.
  • Lightly rake/cultivate the top two inches to loosen the soil. Make sure to stay shallow.
  • Sprinkle the seeds over the area. They are tiny and odd-shaped, but they will grow into substantial plants.
  • No need to press the seeds into the soil, as the watering will do that. The larger sunflower seeds might like a little more coverage -- you can press them down to the depth of your first knuckle.
  • Cover with a quarter inch of soil. This is optional if the seeds are well watered-in, but it won't hurt.
  • Seeds need moisture to germinate, so keep the area moist by watering daily until they germinate.
  • Germination time will range from 3-21 days, so be patient as more pop up over the weeks.
  • If you'd like more detailed guidance on planting and ways to work in your own local climate, there are abundant resources online that will take you through the process step by step.
  • Enjoy!


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