Being sustainability-focused, we've mused over how to offer promotional swag that will enhance the lives of the receiver (and their family and friends), and not be immediately thrown away, contributing to the increasing global junkpile.

Inspired by a few friendly suggestions, we’re excited to offer packets of seeds from the annual flowers and herbs grown at our farm, the Ministry of Flowers.

These packets are given at seasonally appropriate times throughout the year at our demos. Each one is numbered, and you can check this page to find out what seeds are inside. We’ll add more packet descriptions as we create new seasonal blends.

How-to: Plant in full sun to mostly sun. Sprinkle in an area approximately 2 ft by 10 ft, cover with a quarter inch of soil, and keep moist until the seeds germinate. Consult your favorite gardening book for more details.

#1 Early-Midsummer Garden Mix includes Sunflowers, Cosmos, Zinnias, and other insect-attracting small flowering plants.

#2 Late Summer and Fall Mix includes Coriander (Cilantro), Calendula, Borage, California Poppies and other surprises.



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