Since 2011

"One of the hidden gems of the Emerald Triangle."
San Francisco Chronicle
Senior's Guide to Cannabis, 2017
Prof. Snook’s brand of whole-plant CBD, CBDA and THCA-rich products offer relief and support -- without the high. Using the best of age-old methods and modern innovation, we capture the healing essence of each strain, and preserve its full-bodied composition and potency - from cannabinoids and terpenes to phenols, flavonoids and more.

  • Strain-specific, so patients can rely on consistent effects from bottle to bottle.
  • Handcrafted in small batches from cannabis flowers grown in our own gardens.
  • Sun & Soil Grown in Sonoma County using regenerative and organic practices.
  • Fresh. Our unique process preserves beneficial acidic forms of THC and CBD.
  • Pure. Patient and lab-tested for purity and potency and pass with flying colors.
  • Convenient. Tinctures are compact, discreet and easy to use straight or on food.

  • I’ve been using Prof. Snook's tinctures for several months. They “turn down the volume” of my chronic pain where others have not, so I can go about my day with greater comfort. It’s made a big difference in my life.

    -- Manny

  • Our daughter Jordyn has gone from a zombie-like state to participating in, loving and enjoying life. She lives everyday because of your tincture.
    -- Cassandra
  • Last night I took 3 drops of your Harlequin tincture and slept for 8 blessed hours -- again! I’ve been using it for the past year, and it is the only thing that reliably tames my wakefulness.
    -- Barbara
  • Your ACDC tincture is a very quick stress- reducer and it takes away my racing heart -- without any high. I no longer need costly supplements. It’s a miracle product!
    -- Patricia
  • I have been using Prof. Snook's AC/DC 20:1 tincture and Kumari 1:1 tincture since November of 2016. They have helped with my anxiety and appetite. I have been detoxing from years of opiate use.
    - S.


Under the Sun, Moon and Stars

We believe healing begins in the garden.

All the medicinal cannabis that goes into the Prof. Snook tinctures and salves is planted and farmed in Mother Earth, here in our Sonoma County gardens. We’ve worked hard to turn our farm into a haven of regenerative, sustainable agriculture.

Appreciation for rich, living soil and cultivating a vibrant, diverse ecosystem in which the plants can flourish is the foundation of our farming philosophy.

The result is a an exquisitely complex and beautiful growing environment, full of life, and always free of pesticides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers.



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