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Our Promise to You



Simple. Safe. Tested.

Medicine can't support wellness, let alone heal illness, if it’s adulterated with toxic chemicals. This is why we use no solvents, potential irritants, scents or additives in our products.

What do you get? Only our fresh, potent CBD-rich cannabis flowers; and the base they're infused in -- premium extra virgin olive oil or organic alcohol.

We've lab-tested our tinctures from day one, and have always passed the most stringent tests for pesticides and microbial contaminants.


You Can Count on the Effects, Bottle after Bottle

Our products are medicinal, and we go to great lengths to make them reliably consistent, bottle after bottle, batch after batch, year after year. Patients and customers require this.

This is why our tinctures have always been "strain-specific." With single strain cannabis tinctures, you can experience the unique, magical synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols and other complementary constituents the cultivar has to offer. You will get to know the effects, and can rely on them over and over again.


We're True to Our Values and True to the Plant

From seed to you, our prime consideration is quality, and we do not skimp on effort or cost.

Growing cannabis without relying on pesticides or fungicides may be more risky and labor-intensive, but to us it's the only way.

We make our tinctures only with the whole flower, never with inexpensive trim, biomass or leftovers.

Our small-batch process maintains the integrity of the fresh flowers, extracting the full array of active components. Our prime goal is to preserve the living plant's CBDA and THCA, two very beneficial, but delicate, medicinal compounds often altered and greatly diminished by processes which use heat, carbon dioxide or other intensive measures to extract cannabis constituents.

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Our Promise to Mother Earth



Farming is a Privilege

Farming is an act of co-creation with Mother Earth. We provide our cultivation environment with everything it needs to build soil, provide habitat, and attract and nurture the full range of local flora and fauna, restoring the soil and supporting life as we grow our flowers.