We’re committed to providing you with simple, natural, toxin-free and additive-free solutions that offer relief and enhance well being.

We craft only with choice, high-CBD cannabis strains grown in the earth and under the sun, in biodiverse outdoor gardens. These farming methods ensure our flowers are rich and nutritionally complete, and their complex chemical components fully expressed, offering the full potential of cannabis as medicine.

Our gentle extraction process captures the unique effects of CBDA and THCA. These are the naturally acidic form of the cannabinoids, which offer a different range of benefits than their "decarboxylated" brethren CBD and THC, without the psychoactive, intoxicating effects.

Our products honor nature's image and the synergy of the whole plant. Rather than looking only at ratios and potency, we focus on preserving the natural, full spectrum of therapeutic cannabinoids and the authentic potency profile of our cultivars.

We take a whole-food approach to wellness. and use only premium extra-virgin olive oil as a base for our cannabis extraction. We never add flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Our commitment is to keeping it simple and natural, with each ingredient representing the best of its breed.


Our full-spectrum, strain-specific tinctures provide the therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC
without intoxication for the vast majority of our users. Each offers a different ratio of CBD to THC, along with
a unique personality and range of effects. 100% additive-free, in a whole food base of organic extra-virgin olive oil.

 EASE - 20:1 ACDC Tincture

20 parts CBDA to 1 part THCA

Our classic CBDA tincture
Widely used for a variety of symptoms
Eases stress & calms the mind
Enhances clarity & focus

ACDC is one of the original - and we think the finest - high-CBD cultivars. It's a friendly, gentle strain of cannabis that's brought ease and relief to thousands of people of all ages. Well-known for its very high-CBD, low THC content, ACDC is virtually totally non-psychoactive whether or taken in tincture, smoked or vaporized.

Significant ongoing research is being conducted into the beneficial qualities of 20:1 CBDs, and their use in soothing a variety of conditions. Our customers also love it to relieve excessive mind chatter, general stress and procrastination, while boosting focus and productivity.

ACDC Test Results

Ingredients: Premium organic olive oil, fresh ACDC cannabis flowers.

Available in 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. bottles


RESTORE - 2:1 Harlequin Tincture

2 parts CBDA to 1 part THCA

Supports sound sleep
Supports relief of acute pain
Relaxing and uplifting to the body & mind

Harlequin is one of the first high-CBD cannabis strains made available to the public, and offers a range of kindly effects on the body and mind.

Relaxing for the body, and subtly uplifting for the mind, patients report Harlequin strongly supports sound sleep and can help soothe head and body pain.

Harlequin Test Results

Ingredients: Premium organic olive oil, fresh Harlequin cannabis flowers.

Available in 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. bottles


RELIEVE - 1:1 Kumari Tincture


1 part CBDA to 1 part THCA

Relaxes without the high
Strongly calming to mind and body
Helps diminish the experience of pain
Promotes sound sleep

Kumari is a terpene-rich proprietary cannabis strain developed by the Professor and his good friend Pharmer Phil to meet the need for a strong, broadly effective 1-1 strain.

Kumari offers CBDA and THCA in balanced amounts, and has a relaxing body effect with virtually no mental high for the vast majority of users. THC has long been known to have pain-relieving effects independent from the soothing effects of CBD. Our patients turn to Kumari to help relieve body pain and promote a good night's sleep without causing morning grogginess.

Kumari Test Results

Ingredients: Premium organic olive oil, fresh Kumari cannabis flowers.

Available in 1/2 oz and 1 oz. bottles