Click the product name below to see the laboratory test results for our current batches. See the "Potency Test Result" section at the top of page 2 of the lab tests to view the complete cannabinoid profiles of each strain.

Ease 20:1 ACDC, August 2021-2022
Batch 21223PFS-A
321.6+ mg cannabinoids per ounce
CBDA=294.92mg, CBD=<7.5mg, CBGA=11.4mg, THCA=15.3mg, D-9THC=0mg

Restore 2:1 Harlequin, August 2021-2022
Batch 21223PFS-H
341.2+ mg cannabinoids per ounce
CBDA= 237.3mg, CBD= <7.5mg, CBGA= 10.2 mg, THCA=93.7mg, D-9THC=<7.5 mg

Relief 1:1 Kumari, August 2021-2022
Batch 21224PFS-K
422.22+ mg cannabinoids per ounce
CBDA= 230.12mg, CBD= <7.5 mg, CBGA= 18mg, THCA=164.7mg. D-9THC= 11.4 mg