Our collective was a pioneer of fresh, whole-plant, CBD, CBDA and THCA-rich tinctures, and has been providing them to California patients since 2011.

We started out as a compassion-only provider, offering safe and effective CBD-rich medicine to very ill patients. We focused on capturing the non-intoxicating CBDA and THCA, so that patients could get the benefits of THC without the high. Soon doctors began sending their patients to the Bay Area to obtain our tinctures, as CBD's were not widely available or truly understood.

We have grown over the years, but remain a humble company seeking to provide very high quality, beyond organic, authentic and non-intoxicating cannabis medicinals.



A Labor of Love


An early believer in CBD's, Jeff, our Collective's founder, chief visionary and gardener began experimenting with high-CBD strains in 2009 to help a loved one with severe migraines who was afraid to try cannabis because she couldn't tolerate the psychoactive effects of THC.

When he saw the relief she experienced, he realized how important it was to share CBD-rich cultivars and create medicinals that allow patients the benefits of cannabis without having to either smoke or become intoxicated.

By 2011, Jeff was providing high-CBD tinctures and educating dispensaries and patients on its unique benefits. Due to his efforts and those of many early CBD researchers and proponents, the benefits of CBDs are now well-known and enthusiastically accepted nationwide.

Jeff started gardening at age four, when he planted his first carrots. He began his career as a pastry chef and later became head chef at a California university.

His intense interest in quality ingredients eventually led him back to the garden. He has devoted years to studying horticulture, and for over two decades has been a biointensive and organic food farmer.

He’s run an award-winning organic landscaping company in Santa Barbara, created an heirloom fruit orchard in Goleta, California, and keeps our Sebastopol gardens humming with life and well-being.



Sonoma County, California


Our farm, the Ministry of Flowers, sits off a country lane in West Sonoma County, surrounded by grassy fields, oak woodlands, redwood forests, friendly humans, domestic animals and wildlife, and a bit of viticulture.

It's our joy and privilege to tend this piece of land, and nurture the cannabis flowers that bring the vitality and healing goodness to the Prof. Snook tinctures and salves.

We are a sungrown farm, and our methods draw from a range of natural agricultural disciplines, including biointensive, biodynamic, organic, regenerative, and permaculture.

Our approach eliminates the need for pesticides by building diversity and creating a bioculture that's unique to this piece of land. Our ultimate end is to leave this land more vibrant than when we started.

The farm supports more than cannabis -- it integrates food, flowers and herbs, perennials and as many insect-inviting plants as possible. It's our pleasure to share this healing bounty with others, from employees to local food banks.

Farming is in our founder's soul and hands, and is an ever-evolving, fascinating journey, with no limit to what there is to discover.

We are grateful to the earth for supporting us in so many ways.